• Comparison of the sale price of different types of refrigerated trucks - 10/23/2017

    Refrigerated truck sales, different company price positioning is different, the truck structure, such as the truck chassis carrying capacity, the truck's sealing and insulation, refrigeration unit temperature control technology, etc. These are the main factors that make the different sale price of refrigerated trucks, Sales according to these factors, quality, as well as the difference materials, prices will be different. on the market have new refrigerated trucks and used trucks, and some of the sales company according to customer requirements for the truck function and size of custom design.

    The size of refrigerated trucks, miniature refrigerated trucks, Red More

  • What are the main uses of refrigerated trucks? - 10/4/2017

    Refrigerated trucks are a professional transport vehicle, it has cooling function, so be able to transport cold food and goods. Whether it is the restaurant industry or the biopharmaceutical industry or other industries that need refrigeration, in the transport of goods are inseparable from the refrigeration function of the refrigerated trucks. The following S & A for you to introduce the specific use of this vehicle which are the main!

    First, Delivery of fresh food, to ensure the fresh food. The main function of the refrigerated truck is to keep the fresh food, the truck is dedicated to transport food, keep the internal health standards, and can play a role in inhibiting the growth of bacte... Red More

  • The reason of refrigerated truck cooling effect is getting worse - 9/25/2017

    I believe that many refrigerated trucks users have experience, refrigerated trucks with the use of the longer life, the cooling effect becomes worse and worse, why? the main reasons for the following two:

    First, the refrigerated trucks with the use of longer time, the cooling system components may be aging, loose, And thus cause refrigeration system refrigerant leakage, resulting in refrigerated refrigerator cooling capacity is insufficient, so the owner will feel the cooling effect is getting worse.

    In this case, as long as the regular inspection and maintenance of refrigerated trucks, the basic can avoid such a situation.

    Second,Long-term no attention to the car body health, resultin... Red More

  • Visit the S&A refrigerated trucks factory & ShowRoom Online - 9/18/2017

    S&A company is one of the earliest China's manufacturer of professional refrigerated trucks, frozen vehicle, insulation car and Poultry baby thermal insulation vehicle. The company's main business is manufacturing and designing refrigerated transport equipment and special vehicle compartment.

    The main products are 0.5~20 series ton trucks, refrigeration van, special car, medical blood transportation vehicle, food security vehicles, the annual output reached 10000 vehicles.

    Mainly used for food and beverage distribution, distribution of vegetables and fruits, seafood aquatic products, Poultry baby transport;

    As well as pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical waste transport; food processing industry, meat transport, dairy transport, cold ch... Red More

  • How to Choose Refrigerators for Refrigerated Trucks - 3/28/2017

    To judge whether it is good quality refrigerated truck or not, the first thing to look at is the refrigeration unit. How to choose the refrigeration unit of a refrigerated truck is the key factor. Next we will introduce the relevant knowledge of the key part---refrigeration unit.

    Refrigeration unit is composed of condenser, compressor, expansion valve, evaporator and control system and other components.

    First, it can be divided into independent and non-independent units according to the source of power. The power output of the former is dependent on a separate diesel engine; The latter is rely on the chassis of the car to launch. If it is long-distance transport and the length is more than 7 meters of refrigerated trucks, you can choose to use stand-alone chillers. If it... Red More

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