• What is the difference between a refrigerated truck and a cold chain truck? - 12/20/2022

    Cold chain logistics is a field that is in demand today. Cold chain logistics generally refers to the fact that refrigerated and frozen foods are always kept in a specified low temperature environment in all links of production, storage, transportation, sales, and consumption. A systematic project to ensure food quality and reduce food loss. In cold chain logistics, we generally use refrigerated trucks, so what is the difference between refrigerated trucks and cold chain trucks?


    The cold chain vehicle is the transportation that keeps the transported goods at a certain temperature during the whole process of transportation, whether it is loading and unloading, changing the mo... Red More

  • What is a new energy refrigerated truck - 12/7/2022

    The new energy refrigerated truck is driven by a battery and equipped with an incubator or a DC compressor unit for cold storage. It is a veritable economical, applicable, flexible and mobile green transportation tool. Compared with the distribution of large vans, new energy refrigerated vehicles not only have prominent advantages in transportation, but also have strong advantages in terms of vehicle purchase cost, operation, repair, maintenance, and logistics distribution.

    Current status of the use of new energy refrigerated vehicles

    1. In recent years, with the continuous acceleration of the pace of life, people have more and more consumer demand for frozen and refrigerated food, but what is not suitable for the rapid growth of consumer demand is the v... Red More

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