• 1. The refrigerated truck should meet the requirements of the country where it is located and the requirements of national standards
    2. The refrigerated truck has the functions of automatically regulating temperature, displaying temperature, storing and reading temperature monitoring data. The temperature in the cargo compartment should be uniform, and the temperature at each point should be controlled within the range of 2-8C.
    3. Set up cabin temperature monitoring probe points, and the number of installed temperature measuring point terminals shall not be less than 2. The maximum allowable error of temperature and humidity measuring equipment is 0.5

    4. The temperature monitoring system should automatically monitor and record the temperature and humidity environment during the storage and transportation of medicines without interruption. The system should update the temperature and humidity data of the measuring points at least every 1 minute, automatically record the real-time temperature and humidity data at least every 30 minutes during the storage process, and automatically record the real-time temperature and humidity data at least every 5 minutes during the transportation process. When the monitored temperature and humidity exceed the specified range, the system should record real-time temperature and humidity data at least every 1 minute.
    5. When the monitored temperature and humidity data reaches the set critical value or exceeds the specified range, and the power supply is interrupted in the system, the system should be able to perform sound and light alarms on the spot and at the designated location, and at the same time adopt SMS communication and other methods to monitor the Less than 3 designated persons report to the police.

    6. Use GPRS connection to display the temperature of the refrigerated truck in real time.
    7. The goods in the refrigerated compartment shall not be placed against the compartment wall or directly on the compartment surface.

    8. The temperature control system and the temperature uniformity in the refrigerated compartment have been verified as qualified.

    We recommend the following vaccine refrigerated trucks for your reference:

    1): Iveco vaccine refrigerated truck:
    Iveco refrigerated truck vehicle size: 4850X2000X2735mm, the body is made of FRP interior and exterior; the middle interlayer insulation material is made of polyurethane slices and vacuum negative pressure one-time composite molding; thickness 5cm, in line with the food grade requirements issued by the Ministry of Health, with high strength, corrosion resistance, resistance to Aging, low thermal conductivity, no pollution, not easy to damage, etc. The bottom plate is aluminum alloy anti-skid pattern plate, which ensures the thermal insulation performance of the bottom plate and the impact strength of the bottom plate. The double rear door frame is all made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the door panel is light in weight and has good anti-corrosion performance.
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    2): Foton Landscape G7 vaccine refrigerated truck

    Foton G7 double row vaccine refrigerated truck
    Chassis configuration: Foton Guowu bearing bread-style luxury body, Futian environmental protection 130 horsepower Guowu gasoline engine, 5-speed gearbox, 3 meters 05 wheelbase, 195/15C tires, 1.5 front axle, 1.8 tons rear axle, with original air conditioning , direction assist, load-sensing proportional valve, can carry about 3 tons of goods at most, remote control key, load-sensing proportional valve, with air conditioner, high-end appearance and high-grade, can freely enter and exit the city center, a business bread refrigerated truck that can be used in first-tier cities , is to pull the vaccine, all kinds of fresh frozen food. The body shape is beautiful and simple, and it is a blue-brand vehicle. The National V model will not be outdated for ten years.
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    Foton G7 vaccine and medicine refrigerated truck

    Vehicle selection: Foton 130-horsepower National VI gasoline engine, 5-speed gearbox, 3.05-meter wheelbase, with original air conditioner, and steering assist, load-sensing proportional valve, maximum capacity of about 875 kg of cargo, remote control key, large space volume The effective volume of the box is 5.6 cubic meters, and the appearance is high-end and classy. It can freely enter and exit the city center, and it is a commercial bread refrigerated truck that can be installed in first-tier cities. It is the first choice for refrigerated trucks for pulling vaccines and various fresh-keeping frozen foods.

     The body shape is beautiful and simple, and the emission standard: EURO six, ten years will not be outdated. The overall dimensions of the Foton Guoliubao refrigerated truck are 5070x1690x2225mm, and the internal dimensions are: 276015301480mm (the box is made of curved technology and is tightly attached to the four walls of the bread). The box is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic inside and outside, and polyurethane insulation board The thickness is 8 cm, it is made of vacuum lamination, the box body is wrapped with aluminum alloy profiles, and the standard rear double door is standard. 0 degrees to -15 degrees refrigerated unit.