• The first thing to do is to choose a good chassis. Now there are many refrigerated truck chassis manufacturers. Light truck and heavy truck manufacturers are all participating in the competition in the refrigerated truck industry, such as Foton Aoling, Foton Omarco, JAC Kaiyun, JAC Jiangling, etc. Each manufacturer The price difference of the chassis is almost the same. The engines used are generally Cummins, Dewei, Yunnei, Isuzu, and Cummins are the most expensive. Based on the 4.2-meter refrigerated truck chassis, the 130-horsepower chassis, the Cummins engine is more expensive than Dewei's. Thousands of dollars. Generally, the prices of dealers on the chassis are transparent, and the prices across the country are generally not too different (stock cars are calculated separately). Generally, we choose the manufacturers that have a good reputation for flatbed trucks. Because the refrigeration of refrigerated trucks is generally split-type refrigeration, and the engine is shared with the chassis, it is recommended to choose a larger horsepower.

    Cabinets and cabinet manufacturers are more complicated. State-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and self-employed individuals. Because the cabinet structure has no technical content, the key to affecting the quality and cost of the cabinet is the material, so the current market cabinet manufacturers are mixed with good and bad. . The regular refrigerator body should be made of polyurethane, and the outer layer is glass fiber reinforced plastic. Due to the epidemic, the cost of manufacturing materials has increased by as much as 80%. As a result, some manufacturers are made of all polyurethane, and now they use polyurethane. For example The top layer needs to block the sun exposure, it is made of polyurethane, and the four sides are made of polystyrene (extruded polystyrene, XPS), so as to reduce the cost. The difference between the two materials can even reach more than half, although When a customer buys a car, the price is low, but the damage to the customer is long-term. Because the thermal insulation performance of the box is not up to standard, the refrigerator needs to be cooled for a long time under high load, and the damage to the refrigerator and the chassis is long-term, even As a result, the goods are not cold enough to meet the requirements, thus causing the goods to deteriorate, and the goods cannot be delivered to the owner in a guaranteed time and quality.

    There are many refrigerator truck brands on the market at present. Generally, as long as you don't buy a non-brand refrigerator, the quality of domestic Jinda K brand, Hana, Hanxue, Huatai, Songhan and Kaixue are all acceptable. If you want to buy a chiller from a large factory, ask in advance which manufacturer produced it and what the cooling capacity of the chiller is. If the performance requirements of the chiller are relatively high, it is recommended to buy an independent chiller from Kaiser. Kaiserí»s chiller uses imported refrigeration. unit, so the cooling effect is better.

    Optional, refrigerated trucks are generally equipped with slides and meat hooks (for hanging cold fresh meat), ventilation slots, aluminum bottom plates, side doors, and tail panels (for putting down the forklift truck), so if you want to compare the prices of refrigerated trucks, you must It is necessary to ask the manufacturer of the box and the materials used, the manufacturer of the refrigerator, the cooling capacity, and the optional unit price. The price difference between the top and low-end models of refrigerated vehicles can be more than doubled. For 6.8 meters, Foton Aoling Hornet chassis, high-top two-bedroom, 6-cylinder Cummins 260 horsepower, CIMC box, with slide, meat hook, ventilation groove, double side doors, Kaixue independent cooler The overall price of a naked car is about 35W , Foton Aoling Hornet, flat-top single-bedroom, 4-cylinder cloud with 220 horsepower, small factory standard box, small factory split cooler. The price of a naked car is even less than 20W.