• Driving at night is a compulsory course for refrigerated truck drivers. In order to reach the destination as soon as possible, they may drive around the clock. If there is an urgent task, they will have to run nearly a thousand kilometers a day, but in any case, one must follow The principle is safety first.

    At night, due to the dim light and the physical fatigue of the driver of the refrigerated truck, it is easy to add a lot of potential dangers, especially for long-distance driving tasks. If there is an emergency and you must drive at night, you must remember that if you are not familiar with the road section Be sure to understand the road conditions first, and make some preparations for driving in the dark.

    First, pay close attention to the condition of the road

    Refrigerated truck drivers must remember to choose the high speed when driving at night. Why? This is mainly because the biggest trouble driving in the dark is that the night makes us unable to see the road conditions and other vehicles clearly. Therefore, the fully enclosed Expressway is undoubtedly the first choice for driving at night. It not only eliminates the worries of unfamiliar road conditions, but also the isolation belt in the middle of the road can effectively prevent the lights from the opposite vehicles.

    If we encounter only ordinary road options, then refrigerated truck manufacturers suggest:

    Be sure to control the speed of the vehicle, keep a very safe distance from other vehicles and be ready to deal with emergencies at any time. If you are driving in the city, pay attention to pedestrians crossing the road from the left. Especially the street lights on urban roads in our country are almost They are on both sides of the road, and the light near the center line of the road is very dark. In this case, you should pay more attention. On unclosed roads, overtaking at night is also a very dangerous thing. It is best not to overtake unless you have to. Even if you must overtake At the same time, remember to accurately judge the situation ahead, confirm that the conditions are ripe, and then follow up with the vehicle in front and continuously change the far and near lights. If necessary, use the horn to cooperate to warn the vehicle in front to avoid it. Only when it is determined that the vehicle in front has indeed given way and is allowed to overtake can overtake .In overtaking, the inter-vehicle distance should be increased appropriately.

    In addition, when driving at night, some road obstacles and road construction indicator lights also need to be extra careful. In dark areas, when the road conditions are not easy to distinguish, you must slow down. In critical areas in distress, you should stop and check, and then proceed after clarifying the situation. Poor vision and unclear road boundaries when driving at night often cause the vehicle to deviate from the normal trajectory or fail to take measures when encountering unexpected situations. The driver should reduce the driving speed to increase the time for observation, decision-making and reaction.

    Second, the reasonable use of lighting

    Headlights are a must-use tool for refrigerated truck drivers to drive at night, but we still need to pay great attention to the specific skills of use. If you are not sure, let's read the user manual first), and also know how to use and change the lights. When driving at night, if the speed is below 30 km/h, you should use the dipped headlights. Under normal conditions, the lights can illuminate When the vehicle speed is above 30 km/h, the high beam should be used, and the light must be illuminated 100 m away. When passing the intersection, slow down at a distance of 50-100 m from the intersection, and turn the high beam The lights turn into dipped beams, and the turn signals are turned on at the same time to indicate the direction of travel.

    On roads without barriers, there is another very difficult problem when driving at night, which is the lights of oncoming vehicles. Normally, when the distance between oncoming vehicles is 150 m, the high beam lights should be changed to low beam lights, which is In order not to obstruct the sight of the driver on the other side, if the opponent does not change the low beam, you should immediately slow down and use the method of changing the far and low beams continuously to signal. If the opponent still does not change, you should slow down and stop to the right to avoid it. The strong light is directed against each other, so as not to damage the vision of both parties and cause a car accident.

    So drivers and friends who drive at night should pay attention to the above points!