• How to drive a refrigerated truck to save fuel - 5/24/2022

    1) What's the matter with the increase in fuel consumption of refrigerated trucks

    1. If you find that the sliding distance of the refrigerated truck is significantly reduced during driving, you should check whether the air pressure of the tires meets the air pressure standard. If the tires are under-inflated, the fuel consumption will also increase. Then it is time to inflate the tires. Usually, you should also pay attention to checking the wear degree of the tires. If the tires are severely worn, slippage will often occur and increase the fuel consumption. Replace with new tires if necessary.

    2. If you find abnormal noise from the wheels of the refrigerated truck while driving or startin... Red More

  • What to consider when buying a refrigerated truck? - 10/15/2021

    The refrigerated truck is a special vehicle. The body of the refrigerated truck is different from the ordinary van. The insulation body of the refrigerated truck is a fully sealed rectangular cabin, which has good thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance, and meets the thermal insulation requirements of low-temperature transportation of goods.

    The working principle of the refrigerated truck is that when the outside temperature enters the compartment of the refrigerated truck through radiation, conduction, and convection, it will be taken away by the cold air blown by the refrigeration unit to isolate the heat source from entering the goods to ensure the temperature of the goods.

    When choosing a refrigerated truck, you should not only consider the load go... Red More

  • How to choose a suitable refrigerated truck - 10/15/2021

    Refrigerated trucks are an indispensable means of transportation for cold chain transportation. Many ordinary entrepreneurs will also buy refrigerated trucks for the transportation of refrigerated food. However, many people have more questions about how to choose a refrigerated truck. Next, I will introduce to you How to choose a suitable refrigerated truck:

    Generally speaking, when buying a refrigerated truck, the main considerations are the chassis, compartment, and refrigerator. At the same time, these are the three most critical parts of a refrigerated truck. Regarding the choice of chassis, this is mainly determined according to the actual situation of the cargo. Short-distance transportation is generally a ... Red More

  • What is the difference between single-temperature zone and multi-temperature zone refrigerated truck? - 8/24/2017

    Refrigerated transport vehicles in the transport of fresh products play an important role, it can transport perfectly all kinds of preservation food and needs insulation foods. With the cold chain transport industry to accelerate the development of demand, multi-temperature zone refrigerated truck gradually become different category, different storage temperature of the goods at the same time transport's high-end equipment, The following is a description of the single temperature zone and multi-temperature zone of refrigerated truck's difference:

    Refrigerated trucks are divided into two kinds of single-temperature zone refrigerated trucks and two-tempe... Red More

  • How to Buy Refrigerated Trucks - 3/28/2017

    The choice of refrigerated trucks is mainly determined by the chassis, coat, and other key parts, such as truck chassis, container and refrigeration units. Only these three parts are reliable can ensure the safety of refrigerated trucks during transport process. So we should choose refrigerated trucks from these three aspects.


    The choice of the chassis

    1, Traditional truck chassis or tractor form
    In fact there is no rigid requirements on choosing the truck chassis or tractor chassis, it is mainly to see the transport of goods as much as the amount of transport and the distance. In general, short-distance selects the light truck chassis, medium and long distance cargo large select the heavy truck chassis, or traction sem... Red More

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