• Proper maintenance of refrigerated trucks - 5/31/2022

    Refrigerated trucks are special vehicles for transporting goods and keeping them fresh. The maintenance of refrigerated trucks is very important. Only correct maintenance of the equipment on time can ensure the normal use of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.



    1. Chassis

    Usually the chassis engine is maintained and maintained according to the mileage. The care of the refrigerated truck chassis is very important. When maintaining the chassis, it is necessary to thoroughly clean it first. If there is too much mud on the chassis, it is necessary to use a degreasing The... Red More

  • How to use new refrigerated trucks at running-in period? - 9/24/2017

    No matter what new car to buy, there is a running-in period, this period is not only a run of truck parts, or for the car tires, brakes and some other parts of the run, new refrigerated truck is also needed to run, The following S & A will take you to understand how to use a new refrigerated truck at running-in period?

    We all know that for the new refrigerated truck is running-in through the treatment before leave factory, but the machine parts surface is still rough, so the friction is still very large, not suitable for heavy load, otherwise it will accelerate the new wear. At the same time the new truck all the parts with a smaller gap, So this time the oil in the lubrication of the oil film is poor quality, poor lubrication effect, very prone to friction heat, temperature... Red More

  • What is refrigerated truck? - 8/21/2017

    Refrigerated truck is used to transport frozen or fresh goods of a closed van, refrigerated truck is equipped with refrigeration units and refrigeration equipment, polyurethane insulated freight box for the transport of refrigerated transport truck, Refrigerated truck can be sorted by manufacturer, chassis carrying capacity, and freight box type.

    Refrigerated truck is commonly used to transport frozen food (frozen truck), dairy products (milk transport vehicles), fruits and vegetables (fresh truck), vaccine drugs (vaccine carriers) and so on.


    ... Red More

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