• What is the difference between an ice cream refrigerated truck and an ordinary refrigerated truck - 6/26/2023

    There are two types of refrigerated truck refrigeration units for ice cream:

    1) Independent refrigeration unit, the compartment temperature of this type of refrigeration unit can reach minus 18 degrees Celsius, which can be used to transport ice cream in most countries.

    2) Cold plate cold storage system, this kind of refrigeration equipment is more strict, and the cooling effect is better, it can reach minus 30 degrees Celsius, which can be used in Gulf countries and countries with high tropical temperatures. Such equipment is also more expensive.

    Precautions when transporting ice cream:

    1) First of all, pre-cool the veh... Red More

  • Why does the cooling effect of refrigerated trucks become worse and worse? - 5/5/2023

    Some people don't understand why the cooling effect in the refrigerated and insulated compartment will become lower and lower after the refrigerated truck has been used for a long time? Let me tell you a few main reasons:

    1. When choosing a refrigeration unit for a refrigerated truck, generally speaking, the performance of some large-brand refrigeration units is better than that of small brands, but its price will be more expensive. So when choosing a small-brand refrigerated truck refrigeration unit, it is not only about performance and quality, but also about the scale of the manufacturer, the influence and reputation of the brand. If the quality and performance of the refrigeration unit can be well guaranteed, as well as better maintenance at the end of use, it is still worth... Red More

  • What is a cold chain logistics refrigerated truck - 12/25/2022

    Refrigerated vehicles are the basic means of transportation for land transport of perishable food, and their task is to send food unloaded from trains or ships to centralized cold storage and distribution cold storage. Automobile refrigerated transportation can ensure that the food can be directly sent from the productive cold storage or the suburbs within 200km to the consumption center without transshipment. In the consumption center, the task of automobile refrigerated transportation is to send food from the distribution cold storage to food stores and other consumption places. When there were no railroads, refrigerated cars were used to transport frozen food over long distances.

    Refrigerated trucks have small batches of transportation, flexible transportation, good mobility,... Red More

  • What are special vehicles? - 11/14/2022

    What does the special vehicle include?

    Refers to vehicles whose dimensions, weight, etc. exceed the design vehicle limits and special purpose vehicles.
    Specially made or specially modified motor vehicles equipped with fixed installations whose main function is not to carry people or transport goods.

    Various wheeled or crawler-type special vehicles used for towing, clearing, cleaning, lifting, loading and unloading, lifting, mixing, digging, bulldozing, road compaction, etc., or vehicles equipped with fixed special equipment and engaged in professional work Vehicles for monitoring, firefighting, cleaning, medical, TV broadcasting, radar, x-ray inspection, etc.

    In addition, military vehicles, police vehicles, etc. are also Red More

  • How to use refrigerated trucks safely and efficiently - 11/9/2022

    With the rapid development of modern cold chain logistics, refrigerated trucks are more and more widely used, from dairy products, meat products, catering, medicine and other industries, have been associated with refrigeration. Its purpose is to ensure the quality of the product is stable. However, there are still phenomena such as product damage during use, and the reason for rectification is mainly caused by the incorrect use of the refrigerated truck. So how should we use refrigerated trucks? How to avoid the risks caused by improper use? The following will introduce to you.

    1. Correct operation ensures that the goods are stored and shipped in perfect condition.

    Only the correct use and operation of refrigerated trucks can ensure the good delivery and... Red More

  • Basic knowledge of refrigerated trucks - 10/28/2022

    The management department represents the transportation type of refrigerated trucks (freezing, refrigeration, heat preservation, constant temperature), represented by eight letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, to facilitate the management of the transportation of refrigerated trucks.

    The meaning of the letters:

    The above letters indicate the temperature range of the goods transported by the refrigerated truck, which can be divided into the following categories:



    1), perishable food refrigerated truck (A-F category)

    Class A refrigerated truck: average temperature 0 to 12 degrees Celsius.

    C... Red More

  • Proper maintenance of refrigerated trucks - 5/31/2022

    Refrigerated trucks are special vehicles for transporting goods and keeping them fresh. The maintenance of refrigerated trucks is very important. Only correct maintenance of the equipment on time can ensure the normal use of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.



    1. Chassis

    Usually the chassis engine is maintained and maintained according to the mileage. The care of the refrigerated truck chassis is very important. When maintaining the chassis, it is necessary to thoroughly clean it first. If there is too much mud on the chassis, it is necessary to use a degreasing The... Red More

  • How to use new refrigerated trucks at running-in period? - 9/24/2017

    No matter what new car to buy, there is a running-in period, this period is not only a run of truck parts, or for the car tires, brakes and some other parts of the run, new refrigerated truck is also needed to run, The following S & A will take you to understand how to use a new refrigerated truck at running-in period?

    We all know that for the new refrigerated truck is running-in through the treatment before leave factory, but the machine parts surface is still rough, so the friction is still very large, not suitable for heavy load, otherwise it will accelerate the new wear. At the same time the new truck all the parts with a smaller gap, So this time the oil in the lubrication of the oil film is poor quality, poor lubrication effect, very prone to friction heat, temperature... Red More

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