• Everyone knows that refrigerated trucks can be divided into many types, but what are the advantages of their different types? As one of the important tools for transporting fresh food, refrigerated trucks are different from other means of transportation. Let's take a look together.

    Refrigerated trucks are divided into four categories:



    One is mechanical refrigerated truck

    The interior of the mechanical refrigerated vehicle is equipped with a compression refrigeration unit, so that the temperature inside the vehicle can be automatically controlled, so it is very suitable for short- and medium-distance transportation, long-distance transportation, and transportation of special refrigerated goods. In addition, the compartment of the mechanical refrigerated vehicle has better insulation, which can reduce the temperature inside the vehicle outside. Its refrigeration unit not only takes up little space, but is also light in weight. It has the characteristics of safety, reliability and not easy to fail.

    The second is liquid nitrogen refrigerated truck

    The biggest feature of the liquid nitrogen refrigerated truck is that the device is relatively simple, the initial investment is relatively small, its cooling speed is fast, and it can better maintain the quality of food. At the same time, the best thing is that it is noiseless. Compared with mechanical refrigeration devices , the weight has been reduced a lot. But everyone knows that the cost of liquid nitrogen is relatively high, and how to supply liquid nitrogen during transportation is a problem. If it is a long-distance transportation, it is necessary to prepare a large liquid nitrogen container, which will reduce the cargo capacity. .

    The third is the refrigerated truck

    The refrigeration equipment of the frozen plate refrigerated truck uses a frozen plate with cold storage capacity for refrigeration. The biggest advantage of the refrigerated truck is that the temperature inside the car is stable, no noise is generated during cooling, and at the same time, it has fewer failures, a relatively simple structure, and relatively low investment costs. Of course, it also has disadvantages. Its refrigeration time is limited, so it is only suitable for short- and medium-distance transportation, and it is not suitable for long-distance transportation.

    Fourth, dry ice refrigerated truck

    The equipment it uses is also very simple, and its biggest advantage is that the investment cost is relatively low and there is no noise. However, the temperature inside the dry ice refrigerated truck is uneven, and the cooling speed is very slow, so the cost of dry ice is relatively high.

    Different refrigerated trucks have their own disadvantages, but these will not affect their great role.