• Refrigerated trucks are a professional transport vehicle, it has cooling function, so be able to transport cold food and goods. Whether it is the restaurant industry or the biopharmaceutical industry or other industries that need refrigeration, in the transport of goods are inseparable from the refrigeration function of the refrigerated trucks. The following S & A for you to introduce the specific use of this vehicle which are the main!

    First, Delivery of fresh food, to ensure the fresh food. The main function of the refrigerated truck is to keep the fresh food, the truck is dedicated to transport food, keep the internal health standards, and can play a role in inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Such as to transport of chilled food, seafood, vegetables and so can achieve better results. In addition, some refrigerated trucks also have a temperature control function, so that according to the specific requirements of food to adjust the temperature, to achieve the best fresh effect.

    Second, Delivery of special drugs to ensure the efficacy of drugs. Some drugs need to be at a lower temperature to ensure efficacy, such as sedatives of drugs, they have very strict requirements for the storage temperature. In the transport of these drugs need to use a special cold chain truck to store and transport. The truck should be preceded by a rigorous disinfected before it can go to the delivery drug. If the transport road is relatively far, you also need to adjust the temperature properly to ensure the safe transport of drugs.

    Third, Delivery of cold drinks, to ensure that it does not melt. Distribution of cold drinks for the needs of this refrigerated trucks is more extensive, Especially in the summer if the need for large quantities of transport, then the demand for refrigerated trucks is very large. Generally from the cold drink factory directly loaded, and then transported to the various cold storage of subordinate distributors. Of course, the vehicles needs to go through disinfection, but the delivery of cold drinks for the volume of vehicles have greater requirements, the need for large refrigerated trucks to complete the task of transport.

    Fourth, The need to transport the quality of goods, to achieve short-term preservation of quality preservation function. There are some special items also need refrigerated trucks, such as chemical products, bio-pharmaceutical industry materials and so on. But these are relatively small needs, the general number of delivery will not be great.