• At present, there are more than 20 brands of refrigerating units for refrigerated trucks in the Chinese market. Faced with so many brands, many users do not know how to choose. As we all know, there are two brands of refrigerating units for refrigerated trucks: Chinese brands and international brands. So, what are the brands of refrigerating units for refrigerated trucks? Is the refrigerating unit for refrigerated trucks a Chinese brand or an international brand? The following is a detailed introduction based on my years of industry experience:

    What are the refrigeration units of refrigerated trucks? Which is better, Chinese brands or international brands?


    1. Chinese brand refrigeration unit

    There are many brands of refrigeration units produced in China. Well-known brands of refrigeration units in China include: Xiangyang Hanxue, Xinxiang Huatai, Zhengzhou Kaixue, Shanghai Songhan, Shanghai Songzhi Chaoku, Shenzhen Kaili, Guangzhou Jingbo, Jinda K and so on.

    2. International brand refrigeration unit

    International brand refrigeration unit brands mainly include: American Carrier, American Thermo King, Korean Asiana and so on.

    3. Performance comparison of refrigeration unit brands

    The well-known Chinese brands of refrigerated truck refrigeration units, Songhan and Hanxue, have good quality and performance, and the price is relatively affordable, and are very popular among users.

    International brand refrigeration units, such as Thermo King, Carrier, and Asiana, have better quality and performance, but they are also more expensive. The price of international brand non-independent units is US$2,500 more expensive than Chinese brands, and the price of independent units is US$10,000 more.

    According to relevant data, according to the statistics of market volume in the past two years, the market share of Chinese brand refrigeration units has reached about 50%. International brand brands account for about 50%. According to the statistics of unit types, in the non-independent unit market, Chinese brand refrigeration units account for about 60%, and international brands account for about 40%. In the independent unit market, international brand refrigeration units are more popular among users.

    Chinese brand refrigeration units are still international brand refrigeration units. They have their own advantages in terms of performance, price, and price. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose international brand refrigeration units. However, with the rapid development of Chinese brand refrigeration technology in recent years, Chinese brand refrigerated truck refrigeration units have been able to fully meet the needs of users.