• I believe that many refrigerated trucks users have experience, refrigerated trucks with the use of the longer life, the cooling effect becomes worse and worse, why? the main reasons for the following two:

    First, the refrigerated trucks with the use of longer time, the cooling system components may be aging, loose, And thus cause refrigeration system refrigerant leakage, resulting in refrigerated refrigerator cooling capacity is insufficient, so the owner will feel the cooling effect is getting worse.

    In this case, as long as the regular inspection and maintenance of refrigerated trucks, the basic can avoid such a situation.

    Second,Long-term no attention to the car body health, resulting in lower cooling effect

    The interior of the compartment must be kept clean; the ground should not be left with wrapping paper and scrap; debris will prevent air from flowing or inhalation by the evaporator. When using a refrigerated truck, you should keep the floor clean. Due to the role of the evaporator fan, the air will circulate in the compartment, resulting in ground crushed or dirty things by the evaporator fan inhalation. Long-term role, will make a lot of impurities inhalation into the evaporator coil, thus affecting the refrigeration unit cooling effect. Because the coil will be surrounded by  impurities, resulting in the coil heat exchange rate decreased. So the use of refrigerated trucks after a few years will feel the cooling effect is not as good as the beginning, in addition to their own fault reasons, it is because the coil is too dirty due.

    So to keep the refrigerated trucks floor clean is to ensure that the normal working of the refrigeration unit. Only the correct use and operation refrigerated trucks, in order to ensure the good delivery and preservation of goods. Because refrigerated trucks are specifically designed for use in temperature-sensitive products, the guarantee of temperature is the key to refrigerated trucks. If used or improperly operated that it will not cause the goods to be kept in good condition or transported.