• Refrigerated truck sales, different company price positioning is different, the truck structure, such as the truck chassis carrying capacity, the truck's sealing and insulation, refrigeration unit temperature control technology, etc. These are the main factors that make the different sale price of refrigerated trucks, Sales according to these factors, quality, as well as the difference materials, prices will be different. on the market have new refrigerated trucks and used trucks, and some of the sales company according to customer requirements for the truck function and size of custom design.

    The size of refrigerated trucks, miniature refrigerated trucks, small refrigerated trucks, medium refrigerated trucks and large refrigerated trucks. Before purchasing refrigerated trucks, it must first locate refrigerated trucks price according to your actual situation. The primary consideration is the size of the purchased vehicle. As countries around the world on the requirements of automotive emission standards more stringent, so we must understand the requirements in your country for the use of refrigerated trucks: Because the various emission standards of the trucks's price difference; we have to according to own economic budget  to buy the trucks brand and refrigerated truck unit brand.

    Different sales company for the sales prices of refrigerated trucks are different, but the price is mainly determined by the refrigerating unit and the insulation effect of the truck's body, which is the most important of the refrigerated trucks, and are also Manufacturing has a higher demand for refrigerated trucks.

    Mini refrigerated trucks: This refrigerated trucks are used by more peoples to carry out the distribution between cities, refrigerated truck unit temperature is generally -5 ?? C, the price is generally 8000 to 10000 usd. This mini-refrigerated trucks have the advantage of being flexible and basically in any country can be used;

    Small refrigerated trucks: for short-distance logistics and distribution, according to refrigerated trucks and trucks body insulation effect price from 9000 to 32000 usd;

    Medium-sized refrigerated trucks and Large refrigerated trucks to choose the positioning will be based on all aspects of the comprehensive factors to consider.