• Refrigerated trucks are special vehicles for transporting goods and keeping them fresh. The maintenance of refrigerated trucks is very important. Only correct maintenance of the equipment on time can ensure the normal use of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.



    1. Chassis

    Usually the chassis engine is maintained and maintained according to the mileage. The care of the refrigerated truck chassis is very important. When maintaining the chassis, it is necessary to thoroughly clean it first. If there is too much mud on the chassis, it is necessary to use a degreasing The cleaning agent should be washed first to expose the original "natural color" of the chassis, and then the anti-rust care can be started. Lift the refrigerated truck to the lifting frame to clean and wipe the chassis. It should be noted that after cleaning, you must wait until the moisture on the chassis is dry before performing anti-rust care. When performing care, be sure to maintain an even coating to create a uniform, rust-resistant coating that lasts for a long time. After all is completed, let it dry naturally for 5~10 minutes, and then the anti-rust treatment of the chassis is completed. It should also be noted that the chassis after the anti-rust care can have the effect of anti-rust protection without hanging water droplets after high-pressure water spray washing.

    2. Refrigeration unit

    Refrigeration unit maintenance The usual refrigeration unit is 500-700 hours or 2000 kilometers for a maintenance and maintenance, check the stability of the refrigeration system, adjust the refrigeration compressor belt and bracket, and replace the drying bottle. Check whether the fasteners are loose, cracked or damaged, and repair or replace them in time; check the tightness and wear of the V-belt of the transmission parts, and whether the transmission shaft and bearings are loose or abnormal; Check and clean the dust and dirt on the cooling fins of the condenser. The key point is to remove the dust on the windward side of the air inlet to make the air flow smoothly; check whether there are sundries or dust on the cooling fins of the evaporator. And clean, defrost in time, the frost layer on the surface of the evaporator should not be too thick; check whether the assembly parts of the compressor are loose, whether there is air leakage in each part, check the high and low pressure values; check whether the expansion valve works well and whether there is any pollution Check the dryer and clean or replace it; check the operation of the fan and adjust the tightness; check the amount of refrigerant through the glass flap inspection hole, if the refrigerant is insufficient, it should be replenished; if there is air in the refrigeration system, it should be technical processing. For example, if the refrigeration unit is not used for several months, the refrigeration unit should be operated once every two weeks for 10-15 minutes each time. Check the operation of the refrigeration unit during operation. Maintain it once a year and properly check the refrigeration unit.

    3. Thermal insulation box

    The truck's body is an important part of the refrigerated truck, which is composed of polyurethane material and glass fiber reinforced plastic material (aluminum alloy, color steel plate, etc.). In summer, the refrigerated truck should be parked in a cool place to prevent direct sunlight from the sun's ultraviolet rays on the refrigerated truck.

    (1) The daily maintenance of the thermal insulation compartment of the refrigerated truck is mainly reflected in: inspection of the outer surface of the compartment, inspection of the inner surface of the compartment, inspection of the inner and outer edges and corners of the compartment, inspection of the interior floor of the compartment, and inspection of the interior lighting and cooling air outlets Wait. Do not scratch the outer surface of the refrigerated compartment, otherwise, on the one hand, the ability of FRP to withstand pressure will be reduced, and aging and deformation will be more likely to occur. On the other hand, the polyurethane filled inside will leak and affect the thermal insulation performance of the compartment.

    (2) For refrigerated trucks that are frequently used, the surface of the box body is easily contaminated with dirt, so it is necessary to clean the dirt and dust on the surface of the box body in time. Before cleaning, the power must be cut off, and the inside and outside surfaces of the freezer should be scrubbed with a soft cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of warm water solution of non-corrosive detergent. Dry with a dry cloth after cleaning, and do not use organic solvents, hot water, washing powder and other substances that are harmful to the freezer to clean. In order to prolong the service life of the car body, it is necessary to scrub the sealing strip with warm water frequently to keep strip elastic. In order to prevent the paint surface of the refrigerated truck from being directly exposed to the outside, the user can seal the refrigerated truck with a glaze treatment to form a protective glaze on the paint surface of the refrigerated truck, which can resist ultraviolet rays.

    (3) For the maintenance of the inner surface of the refrigerated vehicle, it is also necessary to adjust the temperature control. Do not make the inner surface of the vehicle freeze. If the air humidity is relatively high, try to pack the refrigerated products as much as possible, especially the aquatic products, and the packaging is well sealed. Reduce the evaporation of moisture to the inside of the car body and reduce the possibility of freezing inside the refrigerated truck. If there is a layer of ice on the inner surface of the refrigerated truck, it should be removed with a deicing shovel in time after each transport of the goods to prevent the ice layer from becoming thicker and thicker, otherwise it will not only affect the storage space of the car body, but also increase the weight of the vehicle , increase fuel consumption. Likewise, care should be taken to avoid damage to the interior surfaces of sharp-edged goods or boxes.

    4. Vehicle circuit

    The refrigerated truck battery wiring port must be firm and free of corrosion. The electrolyte should be at the full mark; the belt must be good and adjusted to an appropriate tension, and the sag between the pulleys should be 13mm from the center of the span; ensure that the electrical connectors in the electrical control circuit are firmly fixed; the wires and terminals should be free of corrosion and burning. damage, cracking or moisture; visually check whether there is leakage of the unit, whether the parts are loose and broken, and whether the installation gasket of the gasket unit is pressed tightly; the condenser and evaporator coil of the refrigerated truck should be clean and free of dirt; Frost drain is unobstructed.