• The refrigerated truck body is mainly air-tight and heat-insulating. Usually, the structure of the refrigerated truck adopts a three-layer structure, and the inner and outer skins are made of composite materials, such as glass steel plate, aluminum alloy and other materials.

    The material of the inner plate should be different according to the goods to be transported. The most expensive inner plate should be stainless steel plate. The middle interlayer is thermal insulation material, mainly polyurethane foam material.

    The four sides use high-strength glue to bond the glass steel plate and polyurethane foam material together to form a closed plate. In addition to the material, the thickness of the cargo compartment also determines the quality of the insulation effect. The thicker the insulation layer of the cargo compartment, the better the insulation effect.

    The maintenance of refrigerators mainly includes the following points:

    1. Dust is easy to grow on the back of the refrigerator, which is not conducive to its heat dissipation. In this case, dust can be removed.

    2. If the surface of the refrigerator is dirty, wash it with soapy water, and then apply a layer of oil.

    3. If the freezer has a peculiar smell and needs to be cleaned, it can be cleaned with warm water or neutral detergent.

    4. The door gasket of the refrigerated cabinet can be cleaned with soapy water. Remember not to use too much water to prevent moisture from infiltrating.

    5. The condenser of the refrigerator should be kept clean regularly so as not to reduce its heat dissipation effect.

    6. If there is too much frost in the refrigerator, pour out the water in the evaporator before processing, so as to avoid water overflowing during defrosting.

    Do the above points well, I believe your refrigerated truck will be clearer and more durable