• Car chassis

    To drive on the road, the chassis of the car is naturally an indispensable part. On the whole, refrigerated trucks mainly have two forms: bicycles and trailers, mainly depending on the tonnage and demand of the goods to be loaded.

    Generally, short-distance distribution in cities or small towns has less cargo, and more medium and light truck chassis are used. For long-distance transportation, the general transportation volume is also large, and medium and heavy trucks or refrigerated trucks in the form of semi-trailers are used.


    What should I pay attention to when choosing a car chassis?

    When selecting a car chassis, users need to consider the structure and bearing capacity of the chassis, fuel economy, emission standards, etc., according to the tonnage of the goods, road conditions, etc.

    Choice of refrigerated compartment body

    The body of the refrigerated truck is different from the ordinary van, it needs to have good sealing performance and thermal insulation effect, so as to ensure that the refrigerated goods are in a stable temperature environment.

    Materials for refrigerated compartments

    The design of the refrigerated compartment is mainly about airtight performance and thermal insulation performance. Usually, the structure of the refrigerated truck adopts a three-layer structure, and the inner and outer skins are made of composite materials, such as glass steel plate, color steel plate, aluminum alloy and other materials.

    The material of the inner plate should be different for the goods to be transported, and the most expensive inner plate should be stainless steel. The middle interlayer is thermal insulation material, mainly using polyurethane foam material. The four sides are glued together with high-strength glue to form a closed panel.

    Thickness of refrigerated compartment

    In addition to the material, the thickness of the cargo compartment also determines the thermal insulation effect. The thicker the thermal insulation layer of the cargo compartment, the better the thermal insulation effect. However, the space inside the cargo compartment will be reduced, and the cargo loading capacity will be reduced. The appropriate thickness needs to be selected.

    Special requirements for refrigerated carriages

    In addition, different goods have different requirements for the car body. For example, refrigerated trucks that transport fresh meat need to be customized with hooks on the car body; refrigerated trucks for distribution to stores have small batches, many varieties, and require multi-temperature refrigerated trucks.

    Different temperature requirements and frequent loading and unloading require multi-door refrigerated trucks. All of these, users can customize to the car body factory according to specific needs.