• Refrigerated trucks are an indispensable means of transportation for cold chain transportation. Many ordinary entrepreneurs will also buy refrigerated trucks for the transportation of refrigerated food. However, many people have more questions about how to choose a refrigerated truck. Next, I will introduce to you How to choose a suitable refrigerated truck:

    Generally speaking, when buying a refrigerated truck, the main considerations are the chassis, compartment, and refrigerator. At the same time, these are the three most critical parts of a refrigerated truck. Regarding the choice of chassis, this is mainly determined according to the actual situation of the cargo. Short-distance transportation is generally a car under 4.2 meters, and long-distance car owners choose large cars.



    The cost-effective professional chassis of refrigerated trucks is very important, which is not only related to the transportation efficiency of the goods, but also related to the power of the refrigeration unit. The cold chain involves many links, but as a refrigerated vehicle, it is necessary to strictly implement national legal emission standards, reduce vehicle carbon dioxide exhaust emissions, reduce refrigerated vehicle fuel consumption, reduce body weight, and improve fuel utilization. At this stage, many companies are carrying out the lightweight design of vehicles in order to further improve the load efficiency of refrigerated vehicles and reduce engine energy consumption. It is also necessary to comprehensively consider the selection of models based on geographic conditions and temperature differences.

    Secondly, in terms of the choice of the body, it is not recommended that you choose to change the ordinary cargo compartment to a refrigerated compartment, because most of the ordinary cargo compartment plates are thin, so their strength, heat insulation and anti-corrosion effects are not very ideal. Especially when transporting some seafood, the seawater is very easy to corrode the car body. The choice of the specific car body can be determined by the user according to the goods they need to transport. The manufacturer can customize the car body according to the needs of the user. The commonly used materials are glass steel plate, aluminum plate, and stainless steel plate. The insulation layer is commonly used in the market. Yixi is commonly known as extruded board, and the price is relatively cheap. The refrigerated trucks with high professional cold chain transportation requirements will require polyurethane foam insulation boards, which have good insulation effects and are more expensive. Conventionally, single-temperature refrigerated trucks can also choose dual-temperature boxes and multi-temperature boxes according to the user's actual situation and frequently-loaded goods.

    Finally, there is the choice of refrigeration units. The choice of refrigeration units can be independent or non-independent, cryogenic chillers or fresh-keeping chillers. Whether you need to bring heating and backup power, of course, the prices of these different configurations are also different, so the specific selection of the unit is still determined according to your own economic situation and the temperature requirements of the goods.