• The new energy refrigerated truck is driven by a battery and equipped with an incubator or a DC compressor unit for cold storage. It is a veritable economical, applicable, flexible and mobile green transportation tool. Compared with the distribution of large vans, new energy refrigerated vehicles not only have prominent advantages in transportation, but also have strong advantages in terms of vehicle purchase cost, operation, repair, maintenance, and logistics distribution.

    Current status of the use of new energy refrigerated vehicles

    1. In recent years, with the continuous acceleration of the pace of life, people have more and more consumer demand for frozen and refrigerated food, but what is not suitable for the rapid growth of consumer demand is the volume and capacity of refrigerated distribution. The above-mentioned more than 100 million tons of food needs to be refrigerated to meet consumer demand. At the same time, with the rise of fresh food e-commerce, cold chain logistics has become a sharp tool for fresh food e-commerce companies to ensure food safety in recent years. However, during the transportation process, the fuel cost of refrigerated vehicles is very high, so a new type of cold storage is needed. The car will participate in or even replace the traditional refrigerated car.

    2. In response to this problem, many well-known domestic refrigeration equipment suppliers have begun to develop new energy refrigerated vehicles to solve the last mile in urban and rural areas based on market demand, thus perfectly realizing the "low-cost, high-efficiency" logistics Delivery effect. Under the general trend of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection, new energy refrigerated vehicles are the best solution to perfectly solve cold chain logistics and protect the environment, and will become the mainstream development direction. Quality is king, only quality can win the choice of users.

    Advantages of new energy refrigerated vehicles

    1. The product adopts high configuration and famous brand refrigerating unit, which not only can ensure accurate temperature and good food preservation effect, but also has low noise, extremely low maintenance rate and low noise, which greatly improves the quality of the whole vehicle; the car body is made of polyurethane extrusion The board insulation layer is made of vacuum composite bonding, the surface is smooth and flat, the appearance is classic and trendy, high strength, durable, long life, and the insulation performance reaches the national A-level standard. At the same time, it also increases the effective volume in the box, and the comprehensive energy saving rate and service life of the whole vehicle are 1 to 2 times higher than that of ordinary brands of refrigerated insulation boxes, thus saving electric energy and bringing greater value to users. In addition, this product also has good corrosion resistance and anti-aging effect on air, water, acid, alkali, salt and other media. The refrigerated insulation compartment is 1 to 2 times higher.

    Different configurations of new energy refrigerated vehicles

    1. According to different needs, the new energy refrigerated truck is equipped with three kinds of box configurations: standard type, refrigerated type and frozen type section distribution vehicle. The standard type section distribution vehicle box is equipped with a thickened and efficient thermal insulation foam layer to ensure the freshness of food Spend. The refrigerated section distribution vehicle adopts a fully enclosed DC compressor and DC-driven refrigeration, which can meet the needs of refrigerated distribution between 0-10 Celsius degree. The refrigerated area distribution vehicle mainly meets the needs of refrigerated distribution in areas below 0 Celsius degree. The refrigerated truck adopts imported brand-name refrigerating units to ensure accurate temperature and excellent quality. The body is made of polyurethane extruded board insulation layer, which is bonded by vacuum composite. Reach the national A-level standard. At the same time, the new energy refrigerated truck is also equipped with a GPS positioning system to realize real-time control of logistics distribution, which provides convenience for enterprises to flexibly deploy vehicles and greatly improves the intensity of distribution