• To judge whether it is good quality refrigerated truck or not, the first thing to look at is the refrigeration unit. How to choose the refrigeration unit of a refrigerated truck is the key factor. Next we will introduce the relevant knowledge of the key part---refrigeration unit.

    Refrigeration unit is composed of condenser, compressor, expansion valve, evaporator and control system and other components.

    First, it can be divided into independent and non-independent units according to the source of power. The power output of the former is dependent on a separate diesel engine; The latter is rely on the chassis of the car to launch. If it is long-distance transport and the length is more than 7 meters of refrigerated trucks, you can choose to use stand-alone chillers. If it is short-distance city transport and the length is 3-6 meters of refrigerated trucks, a non-stand-alone refrigeration unit is recommended.

    Second, It can be divided into fresh type according to the temperature (the car temperature is kept at about 5 degrees) and the low temperature refrigeration type (the car temperature is kept below minus 15 degrees). If you transport fruit, vaccines, vegetables, then select the fresh refrigeration unit refrigerated trucks. If it is ice cream, frozen products, then choose the latter.

    Machine cooling models are mainly absorption type, steam compression type, steam jet type, air insulation expansion and so on, the current refrigerated trucks generally use steam compression mechanical refrigeration.

    Refrigerated trucks have a significant economic significance to ensure the quality of fresh goods. Which refrigeration unit for the overall performance of refrigerated trucks is essential. So buyers need to select the appropriate refrigeration unit according to truck models and capital situation. Only choose the suitable refrigeration equipment and cabinets, the quality of goods can be guaranteed.