• Refrigerated transport vehicles in the transport of fresh products play an important role, it can transport perfectly all kinds of preservation food and needs insulation foods. With the cold chain transport industry to accelerate the development of demand, multi-temperature zone refrigerated truck gradually become different category, different storage temperature of the goods at the same time transport's high-end equipment, The following is a description of the single temperature zone and multi-temperature zone of refrigerated truck's difference:

    Refrigerated trucks are divided into two kinds of single-temperature zone refrigerated trucks and two-temperature zone refrigerated trucks. The single-temperature refrigerated trucks are the functions of cooling, that is only the minimum temperature of the freez box can be guaranteed.

    Two-temperature zone  refrigerated trucks can be heated and cooled two functions.

    In order to achieve the effect of two-temperature zone refrigerated trucks, We need to split the refrigerated cabinet . Sub-warehouse box is divided into multiple sections to achieve the needs of different temperature items transport.



    In summary, single-temperature zone refrigerated trucks for the same goods of transport, multi-zone refrigerated trucks for different items, and for the temperature requirements of different goods transport.