• No matter what new car to buy, there is a running-in period, this period is not only a run of truck parts, or for the car tires, brakes and some other parts of the run, new refrigerated truck is also needed to run, The following S & A will take you to understand how to use a new refrigerated truck at running-in period?

    We all know that for the new refrigerated truck is running-in through the treatment before leave factory, but the machine parts surface is still rough, so the friction is still very large, not suitable for heavy load, otherwise it will accelerate the new wear. At the same time the new truck all the parts with a smaller gap, So this time the oil in the lubrication of the oil film is poor quality, poor lubrication effect, very prone to friction heat, temperature rise, more affect the oil lubrication, easy to cause the vehicle to produce a variety of failures. In summary, the newly purchased refrigerated trucks must be use running-in period.

    1. Running-in period mileage of refrigerated trucks and their running-in stages

    Refrigerated truck running-in period mileage of the majority of 1500 to 3000 km. Generally run-in period is divided into three stages. The initial run of about 1000 km, the medium run up about 2000 km, running into the oxide film about 3000 km. At this time running-in period is completed.

    2. For the new refrigerated truck running-in method

    During the running period should be as low speed as possible. normal circumstances the maximum speed should be 50 to 100 km / hour or less. At the same time, don't let the engine run idle for too long before starting. Early driving within 300 km should avoid emergency braking;  should be avoided within the accelerator fully open within 1000 km.

    3. Refrigeration insulation truck in the run-in period need to pay attention to matters

    1> The new refrigerated truck is not suitable for high-speed exercise, the new truck early stage have speed requirements, the general provisions of 50 to 100 km / hour. And generally stipulates that in the initial 1000 km, when the accelerator is fully open when the speed does not exceed 80% of the maximum speed, and requires attention in the use of observation engine speedometer and speedometer, the engine speed and speed are working at medium speed.

    2> The new freezer truck is not suitable for full load operation. full load operation will cause damage to the parts.

    3> Should not run long distance. New truck running long distance, will make the engine continuous working time increases, resulting in increased wear and tear.

    4> The new refrigerated trucks are not suitable for emergency braking. Emergency braking not only impacts the braking system in the running, but also increases the impact load on the chassis and engine. Therefore, do not use emergency braking within 1000 km of the initial travel. If there is a sudden situation, should also try to step off the clutch pedal to reduce the impact on the engine.

    5> Should not be high-speed at low-gear position or low-speed at high-gear position. Should be timely change gear position, do not use a long time for a gear position.

    6> not reckless driving. Refrigerated trucks should be heated after the start, until the water temperature to start the temperature and then start. Driving to choose a good road, keep the mid-speed in the way, try to avoid rapid acceleration and brakes, throttle to small, action should be light, but also should pay attention to the engine sound, temperature and so on.

    For the new refrigerated truck run-in period, pay attention to safety, hoping to bring you help!